About Me

I'm currently a graduate student based in Shanghai, China.

I speak Python, C/C++, MATLAB and JavaScript.

I'm working on software that implements numerical optimization algorithms.

In my spare time, I also collects vintage cameras and shoot photos on roll film.

What's Up Lately?

I'm currently working on both algorithm (theoretical side) and software (engineering side) of distributed optimization.

I'm actively seeking for intern opportunities with skill expectation in MATLAB, Python and C++ programming.

Latest Video Updates

When I get tired of writing codes or reading literatures, I may pick up camera and microphone, and make some videos.

Camera Lens Mounts

Data visualization for camera lens mounts

What's NAND Flash?

In-depth overview of NAND flash technologies

Fujifilm RVP50

Watch a roll of RVP50 got exposed on a sunny afternoon

Keep in Touch

Also known as @sjhstone online on some websites.

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